Be careful! It is a scam if you receive a phone call telling you to pay traffic tickets! Print

    Recently, the Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office received several phone calls asking whether their traffic tickets are not paid. They say they are notified by voice messages telling them “You have not paid off your traffic tickets. Please press 9 for more details.” As a precaution, they made phone calls to the Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office for confirmation. 


    The Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office emphasizes that the police agencies will send the “Traffic Violation Notice” or the so-called “Red Ticket” for a traffic violation. If the ticket taker fails to make payment, the Motor Vehicles Office will send “Traffic Violation Decision” to urge payment. The Motor Vehicles Office will not use phone calls to tell anyone to pay the traffic tickets or the automotive fuel costs.


    The general public must be careful and shall not believe in such phone calls. Never make any money transfer/remittance or provide your personal information. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap and suffer losses. If you receive a phone call asking you to make payment, you can also dial the Anti-Fraud Hotline at 165 to inquire and report such scams. 


    If the general public want to know if they have not paid off any traffic tickets, they can use the Service Website of the Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office  to search traffic violations/penalties/traffic tickets (including compulsory insurance) inquiries and payments and enter the ID Card No. (Unified Business Code), Birth Date and Verification Code of the individual (corporation) to inquire about the traffic violation information. Or, they can make a phone call to the Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office for further inquiries (03-5892051). 


    Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Highways has also released an APP for the general public to have access to the latest news and multiple convenient services from the Motor Vehicles Office, such as making online inquiries about vehicle fuel fees/traffic violations, scrapping old motor vehicles, and registering the communication address for the vehicle. 
    With the APP, you can also subscribe for push notifications from the Motor Vehicles Office on such as the vehicle fuel costs, traffic violations, periodic inspections, road safety classes and reviewing tests. You as the vehicle owner and driver will not miss out on any message. You can even make payments online through the APP. You are welcome to download the APP and enjoy the convenient services provided by the Motor Vehicles Office.

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