New Regulation: Bus Passengers Fasten their Seat Belts! Maximum Fine 90,000 for Irresponsible Transport Business Owners Print

    Passengers must wear seat belts when traveling on national freeways or expressways since October 29. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced the amendments of "Regulations for Automobile Transportation Operator". The transport operators have responsibility to notify passengers to fasten their seat belts or will be fined TWD$ 9,000 to $ 90,000.

    The Ministry of Transportation and Communications amended of "Regulations for Automobile Transportation Operator" yesterday. Transport operators, including freeway buses, intercity buses, city buses and tour buses, should remind passengers to wear seat belts and emergency escape routes through videos or signs. If not, transport operators will be fined $9,000 to $90,000. It will be effective on October 29, three days after the announcement.


    However, the new policy only applies to transport operators but not to passengers who do not wear seat belts. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications   will amend the "Road Traffic Management and Penalty Ordinance (RTMPO)" in the near future. If passengers over the age of four do not wear seat belts will be fined $1,500 while travelling on public roads, and fined $3,000 to $ 6,000 while travelling on freeways or expressways without wearing seat belts. It will be executed as earliest as the New Year's Day next year if the third reading of the bill passes. 

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