Freeway Bureau Calls for Professional Drivers to be Cautious on Freeways Print

    There were 22 fatalities in traffic accidents related to large vehicles (including buses, large trucks and tractor-trailers) by September 2017, accounting for 37.9% of the total fatal accidents. The main cause of these accidents was reckless driving. The Freeway Bureau calls for professional drivers to be cautious while driving on freeways.

    The statistics show that the numbers of fatal car accidents related to large vehicles on freeways were 19, 21, and 27 respectively from 2014 to 2016. The statistic to September this year (2017) reached 22 fatal car accidents. The major causes of these accidents were reckless driving (13 cases), tailgating (4 cases), and the remaining causes were tire blowouts, no emergency safety warnings for roadside breakdown, and unsafe lane changes.

    Buses usually carry a large number of passengers that results in a higher number of casualties. Besides, heavy vehicles carry large loads that increase the severity of car accidents. Therefore, the Freeway Bureau reminds professional drives of the following points:
    1. Please have enough rest before driving, avoid fatigue driving or distraction caused by drowsiness. Drivers may take a rest in driver's lounge in service areas if feel drowsy, and then continue the journey.

    2. No speeding and please keeping a safety distance at night and off-peak hours, in which have less traffic and faster driving speed, to avoid an accidence if the car in front brakes suddenly.

    3. It easily causes accidents when vehicles have a breakdown on the road. Therefore, drivers should check vehicle condition carefully before driving. In case of emergency, please ensure to follow emergent procedures, including pulling onto the shoulder as possible, turning on the vehicle’s hazard lights, and putting reflective triangles 100 meters behind the vehicle to alert the other vehicles, calling the toll-free number 1968 to report the Traffic Control Center, and staying outside the highway guardrails or other safe place. The driver should guide all passengers to get off the vehicle and stay in a safe place.


    4. On October 24, a tractor-trailer, on the 189 km south lane Freeway 3, had a tire blowout that caused to bump through the guardrails to the north lane and crash into a private car, resulting in three dead and one injured. It is reminded drivers to check tire tread and pressure regularly, and ensure vehicle condition before driving in order to avoid tragic accidents. 


    In addition, the Freeway Bureau reminded the public fasten seat belts when getting on vehicles. The death rate of those who did not wear seats belt was 3.6 times higher than those who did. Thus, fastening seat belts is to protect our lives. Besides, trucks should not be overloaded and the loads should be fastened firmly. Truck drivers should avoid speeding while driving on ramps to prevent from overturning.


    Although professional drivers work hard every day to provide excellent services to the public, drive passengers home safely, and transport commodities, drives should drive safely and obey the traffic rules that is the foundation of road-traffic safety. It is reminded professional drives to drive cautiously and cooperate with the Freeway Bureau to ensure road safety.

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