Catch Speeding at night: Miaoli Police Bought 6 Portable Nighttime Radar Speedometers Print

    To improve driving safety in Miaoli County, the police will purchase 6 portable night speed cameras by the end of this year. It will be mainly used in Provincial Road No. 3, No. 72, No. 61, and County Road No. 140, No.124, where have drag racing. The police will strictly enforce the traffic regulations to deter speeding, ran a red light, drunk driving, drag racing, and other major violations.


    The police said that the Miaoli Section of Provincial Road No. 3 is wide and has many curves. It attracts many motorcycle enthusiasts from Northern or Central of Taiwan to there on weekends or consecutive holidays. Some motorcyclists do not follow the traffic regulations — speeding, racing, running red lights or drunk driving that result in numerous traffic accidents and casualties.


    According to the statistics of the police station, there were 14 traffic accidents in the Provincial Road No. 3 in January-October this year, resulting in 1 death and 13 injuries. One of the accidents was a motorcycle speeding and crashing over another scooter that caused the death of scooter riders.


    In addition, the police said that drag racing at nighttime has been an issue over the past years. The police will buy 6 portable nighttime radar speedometers mainly used for Provincial Road No. 3, No. 72, No. 61, and County Road No. 140, No.124, where have drag racing.


    The Chief Police Officer, Ho-ming Kim appealed to drivers for reducing their driving speed, driving within the speed limit, following the traffic regulations, not modifying the body of vehicle or removing the exhaust silencer, nor speeding, drag racing, running a red light, drunk driving or other violations since most parts of Miaoli are in the countryside and the residents have a simple lifestyle. He also reminded drivers to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users for people's lives and properties.

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