The Freeway Bureau Continue to Improve Fire-fighting Measures in Hsuehshan Tunnel Print

    The Freeway Bureau attaches great importance to the fire safety of the Hsuehshan Tunnel. Apart from following the related regulations on equipment and facilities, the Freeway Bureau also follows the international standards, sets up the testing specifications, and has regular inspections. The improvement proposals raised by the firefighting units had been executed immediately. In terms of disaster relief personnel, apart from a wide range of training, the firefighting units conduct fire drills quarterly, maintain and inspect fire equipment in Hsuehshan tunnel, provide related training for firefighting personnel, and so on, explained by the Freeway Bureau.


    On National Highway No.5, the Hsuehshan Tunnel, fire hydrant boxes are placed every 50 meters, and each of them is equipped two 15-meter fire hoses (including fire nozzles) and two ABC dry powder fire extinguishers. The maintenance company regularly inspect the fire hydrant boxes, and conduct water pressure maintenance and inspections monthly, quarterly and annually. Exhaust fans and other electric equipment are also regularly maintained to ensure their functions.


    Besides, in terms of the firefighting personnel in Hsuehshan Tunnel, the self-defense firefighters support the first-line firefighting and rescue and the professional firefighters from fire department in local government are the second-line. The self-defense firefighting stations are located in the north entry, south entry and the middle, 12 staffs standby 24 hours a day. In addition to the fire hydrant boxes mentioned above, each self-defense firefighting station is equipped with fire extinguishers, wireless interphones and firefighting gears, which are suitable for first-line firefighting and rescuing. The second-line firefighting stations, supported by the New Taipei City and Hualien County government, are located nearby the entries of tunnel, standby 24 hours a day.


    In order to enhance the firefighting capabilities and control a fire at the beginning, the Pinglin Control Center, the Freeway Bureau, provides professional firefighting training for the self-defense firefighters monthly, and also sends them to the Zhushan Training Center, National Fire Agency, the Ministry of the Interior, for long-tunnel rescuing training annually to enhance their firefighting and rescuing capabilities.


    In addition to training for firefighters, the related rescue units also conduct firefighting and rescuing exercises in the Hsuehshan tunnel every quarter. Through the exercises, all firefighting and rescuing personnel are familiar with the procedures in order to respond to a real case immediately, and settle into the situation quickly.


    The Hsuehshan tunnel has been built for more than a decade. Although several fire events happened, the Freeway Bureau and the firefighting units worked together to control the events effectively and handle the traffic quickly. Firefighting-related equipment is under the charge of the Freeway Bureau, and they are inspected regularly by qualified firefighting technicians. As for the improvement of fire hoses inspection, the Freeway Bureau will amend the inspection standards aligning with the Ministry of the Interior’s plans, and request qualified technicians conduct inspections authentically. If any items do not meet the standards, the corrective actions will take immediately.


    Finally, the Freeway Bureau reminds road users that in case of accidence, drivers should stop their vehicle at turnout areas, 1.4 km per set, as possible, turn on the warning lights, place a warning triangle about 100 meters behind the vehicle, and inform the control center by mobile phones or emergency calls as soon as possible. In a fire occurs, drivers may use the fire extinguishers in fire hydrant boxes depending on the individual capacity. 


    The Freeway Bureau wishes everyone to have a safe road trip.

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