Bombs on the Road: Survey Shows More Than 60% of Men Think Driving with Mobile Phone is nothing Print

    With the convenience of technology, some people nowadays are easily distracted by other things while driving, causing a car accident. Even though most drivers know that it is dangerous to make a hand-held call, send text messages, use a media player, or use navigation while driving, but they still do so. A survey conducted by a foreign insurance company revealed the surprising fact. More than 62% male drivers had confident that their driving would be not affected while using a phone. 


    Progressive Insurance, an insurance company in the US, recently released a survey report. It found that 62% of male drivers aged 18-34 had confidence in using a mobile phone or doing other things while driving. Only 5% of male drivers aged 55 and above thought they had this confidence. 


    As for the gender difference, the percentage of men who have confidence in using a mobile phone or reading text while driving is twice as much as the percentage of women (21% of men, 11% of women). Although 88% of men and 97% of women know that it is not appropriate behavior, most of them still do so. This becomes the greatest threat to road safety.


    "Progressive Insurance" also mentioned that 34% of all respondents were confident that they could use their mobile phones or read text while driving. Ironically, more than 65% of people know that this behavior is one of major causes of car accidents. In addition, there were 83% of people thought that the police should give those reckless drivers a ticket. Even so, some drivers still take a chance, so that this type of traffic accidents have occurred again and again.

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