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Understanding traffic lines

Road traffic lines

For promoting road traffic safety activities, the Republic of China has established "National Road Traffic Safety Commission (NRTSC) " under the Ministry of Transportation & Communications in 1983.

It assumes the responsibility of planning and supervision nationwide road traffic safety administrative agencies, and also invites the representatives of Central and local administrative agencies concerned and academic-and-professional specialists to form the Committee which meets regularly once a month, examining and studying traffic safety problems and supervising provincial and city authorities for implementation of decisions made in the Meeting.



The budget of NRTSC is based on 1.76% of fuel tax revenue. It approximates NT$0.3 billion (US$10 million) annually.



  1. To strengthen the planning of special program for road traffic safety and coordination and supervision of its implementation.
  2. Examining, supervision and monitoring of planning, expenditures and implementation status of provincial and city road traffic safety , activity programs .
  3. Recommendations for revision of road traffic safety regulations.
  4. Road traffic safety data collection,analysis and special studies.


The Major Programs of Highway Traffic Safety

We have set up and promoted "Improving Highway Traffic Order and Safety Projects" triennially since 1982, in order to enhance traffic order and safety but also reduce deaths, injures and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes, and then coordinate with central and local governments' plan and annual implement programs through the connected links of traffic engineering, enforcement, education, propaganda, and motor vehicles supervision, etc.. The ongoing 2011 Project belongs to the second year of the 10th triennial Project.

Three major issues are focused in recent years, i.e. reducing the accidents of the motorcyclist, senior citizens and drunk drivers.

We have advocated the project "Pedestrian Right of Way "since July 2010.It promoted the priority of pedestrian concept as motor vehicles approach the intersection. The important programs we focus on are that "Implementing the Projects of Accident-prone Locations Improvement in Taiwan Area", "Deterring Drunk from Driving", "Promotion Motorcycle Helmets Use by Enforcement and Education ", "Promoting the Concept of right of way Projects" making pedestrians and drivers obey the traffic rules in prior mobility, especially "Riding a motorcycle in order". In addition to review and revise the traffic laws and regulations periodically, "Penalizing by level of illegality", "Seat Belt Use Program", "Deterring drivers from using cellular phones in driving" and "Deterring heavy vehicle drivers from drunk and speeding " have been promoted by measures of traffic propaganda, traffic law enforcement, and attending a traffic safety class gradually at present. In addition to, "Child Seat Use Program" is promoted in progress.

Besides, in accordance with UN "Road Safety 10 Years (2011~2020) Program ", which UN advocated and of theme is Road Safety , we and Ministry of Education, Administration of Police, Government Information Office have contributed to spreading that road traffic injuries can be prevented, and raise people's awareness about road traffic injuries and enormous costs to society.

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