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The MOTC Global


Thank you for visiting the MOTC Global Information Network website. We absolutely respect your personal privacy, and are committed to protecting it. To understand how the MOTC Global Information Network protects your online rights, please read the following information carefully:


Scope of policy application


The privacy policy described below applies to the collection, use, and protection of personal information by the MOTC Global Information Network, but not

to other government agency websites that are linked to this website. Each of the websites that can be accessed via a link on the MOTC Global

Information Network has its own exclusive privacy policy, and the MOTC Global Information Network cannot accept any responsibility associated with it.

When you link to these websites, the protection of your personal data will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the websites involved.


The Collection of Personal Information


For persons who are purely browsing or downloading from the MOTC Global Information Network, the website does not collect any personal identification 



For persons who are using a service provided by the MOTC Global Information Network, such as "Web Club" and "Transportation Forum," personal data 

must be provided by the applicant. The website will ask you, as needed, to provide the latest and most authentic personal information including your 

name, ID card number, contact telephone, e-mail, mailing address, and domicile address. 


The website will record the user's IP location, time of online contact, and web pages surfed during the visit. These data will be provided for internal use by 

the website's managing agency for quantitative analysis of website browsing and web behavior, with the aim of enhancing the quality of the website's 

services. The MOTC Global Information Network will carry out overall analysis of the behavior of users as a whole, and no analysis of individual users will 

be undertaken.


The MOTC Global Information Network is obligated to protect the privacy of all applicants, and no individual's personal data or file will be changed or 

deleted without the agreement of that individual. Such action will be undertaken only with your approval, or in cases that conform to the following 



     A.  Violation of the website's rules, such as the expression of invectives or the mounting of personal attacks.

     B.  Protection or prevention in regard to the rights or ownership of relevant parties.

     C.  Protection of the interests of units related to this website.


In no case with the MOTC Global Information Network provide any of your personal information for sale, exchange, or rental data to another group, 

individual, or private enterprise. Exceptions may be made, however, in the following cases:


     1.  To cooperate with investigations by judicial units;

     2.  To cooperate with investigations or utilization by authorized agencies in accordance with their authority.


Administrative use based on the sincere belief that disclosure is pursuant to legal requirement, or is undertaken to protect or improve the website's 



Obligations of Individuals


Whoever registers as an MOTC Global Information Network member and uses network services provided by the MOTC Global Information Network has an 

obligation to maintain and update his or her personal data, and to protect the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of that data. 


Should you provide any data that is erroneous or false, the operating units related to the MOTC Global Information Network have the right to refuse all or 

part of the website's services which you wish to access using your account number.


Maintaining the confidentiality of codes and account numbers is the joint responsibility of the MOTC Global Information Network and you.


Should your code or account number suffer unauthorized use, or should any other security problem arise, please notify the MOTC's service mailbox 

immediately by e-mail so that our service personnel can help resolve the situation.


Please be sure to sign out when you go off-line to prevent someone else from using your account number. If you use a public computer, or share your 

computer with another person, please make sure that you turn off your browser window to keep unauthorized persons from reading your personal data or 

your e-mail.


All members should follow domestic and overseas legal rules, and should take full responsibility for incidents involving their personal account numbers 

and secret codes.


When using data from the MOTC website…


 All data contained in the MOTC website (including graphic and text files) is copyrighted by the MOTC (except for external websites linked via the MOTC 

website). Please indicate the source when using any data from the MOTC website, or from any web page linked to the MOTC website. For commercial use, please send an official document to the MOTC to get permission first to use the files.